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Simplifying the synergy between event management expertise and audience understanding.

Why iContact

With over a decade of expertise in managing large-scale meetings and events nationwide, iContact meticulously handles every detail from inception to completion. We take pride in our client-centric approach, tailoring event plans to align seamlessly with your objectives and vision.

iContact is a trusted partner in conference planning and management services, assisting a myriad of organizations in navigating a conference’s logistical and creative challenges.

Developing goals and objectives
Establishing the goals and objectives of a conference is an essential part of the overall strategy.

Understanding attendance needs
Attendance needs will significantly impact various aspects of the conference, from its location and technology requirements to the finalized agenda.

Focusing on diversity and accessibility
By considering simple yet effective, strategies for inclusion and diversity in conference planning, you can demonstrate an authentic commitment to serving all attendees.

Developing the conference agenda and selecting speakers
iContact experts will work with you to structure an agenda that balances various types of activities, nurtures collaboration, and engages your attendees.

At iContact, we have decade of experience providing conference management and planning services on a global scale. Our unique, interdisciplinary team is equipped with the skills needed to support even the most complex of needs, helping your organization pinpoint and achieve your objectives with well-executed event experiences.

We are committed to a high standard of excellence and take pride in planning and managing professional events that provide outstanding value to everyone involved.

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Our “yes we can” attitude and 24/7 availability mean we’re available for all your requests.

At iContact, we understand the business event and audiences, we streamline event planning with comprehensive management, providing you with peace of mind. Rely on our seasoned professionals to meticulously handle all logistics for your business event.

Mr. Linh Le

Founder & CEO, iContact