Conference Planning & Management

iContact provides comprehensive conference planning & management services. We are committed to a high standard of excellence and take pride in planning and managing professional events that provide outstanding value to everyone involved.

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Our understanding of customer service and commitment gives us a significant advantage above the rest

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We are very flexible with the services that we offer and can offer our complete list of services in coordinating your event

Agenda & Speaker Referrals

Crafting an impactful agenda and connecting you with dynamic speakers—elevate your event with our expertise and network of professionals.

Venue & Vendor Management

Securing the perfect venue to coordinating with top-notch vendors, we handle every detail to make your event exceptional

Ticket & Registration Service

Ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both organizers and attendees

Budget Creation & Management

Offering expert financial planning for your event. We meticulously craft budgets and manage expenses, ensuring a seamless event execution while maximizing resources for optimal impact.

Logo & Webpage Creation

Crafting distinctive logos to building user-friendly landing page, we ensure a compelling online presence that captivates your audience.

PR & Marketing Campaign

Enhancing your event’s visibility. We create compelling campaigns, utilizing strategic PR and marketing techniques to reach your target audience and maximize attendance.

Grow your attendees

Boosting attendance with strategic marketing, engaging content, and personalized outreach. Let us help you grow your attendees for a successful event

Targeted audiences

Identify and reach your ideal audience with precision. Our strategies ensure your message resonates effectively, engaging targeted audiences for optimal impact.

Email Marketing Services

Targeted Email Marketing

iContact has over 15 years of experience providing large-scale email marketing services. We serve thousands of mid to large multinational and private companies in various industries.

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At iContact, we understand the business event and audiences, we streamline event planning with comprehensive management, providing you with peace of mind. Rely on our seasoned professionals to meticulously handle all logistics for your business event.
Mr Linh Le

Founder & CEO of iContact