Project Description


While a question mark hangs over Vietnam’s economic recovery, in the boardroom, the role of independent directors (ID) becomes even more critical in safeguarding the interests of shareholders and ensuring the long-term sustainability of organizations. The impartiality and expertise of independent directors  play a pivotal role in navigating the challenges and uncertainties that arise during such challenging times.

Organized by the VNIDA, the inaugural ID Forum, adopting the theme of “Reshaping the Future: Empowering Independent Directors for Success” brings together experienced directors and individuals dedicated to supporting professionalism, competitiveness, and effectiveness. The Forum offers a unique opportunity to explore the evolving role of independent directors and their potential to make a meaningful impact on organizations. By equipping independent directors with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support, companies can empower them to navigate future challenges and contribute to sustainable success. Through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a shared commitment to responsible governance, we can collectively reshape the future of corporate governance and create a business environment that fosters long-term value creation, ethical decision-making, and sustainable development.